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Information Technology

MedForce Government Solutions

MGS is a leading consulting services and solutions provider that assists government and private sector clients. We design and implement business and technology solutions on either a project or strategic consulting basis. MGS is a national provider of technology resource solutions for Fortune 500 and Government clients to include federal, state and local agencies. From single development resource needs to managing entire project teams, our unique client-centric approach makes MGS the essential resource in delivering and supporting key technology initiatives for our clients.

Our team of experts provides Information Technology services and management consulting solutions to complex technical issues. We have a broad reach in IT serving Commercial and Government clientele. Over the years we have developed cost effective IT services and solutions that cater to the broader markets and those that specifically match our market specialties as outlined below:


  • Functional Engagements
  • Planning and Development
  • Enterprise Data Management
  • Infrastructure
  • Information Assurance and Network Security

MGS specializes in supporting IT and MIS initiatives for the following:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Portfolio Management
  • Executive and Operational Management
  • System and Network Engineering/Administration
  • Application Development and Specialty Technologies/ Methodologies
  • Web Development/OO Development
  • Information Assurance / Cyber Security
  • Digital Technologies/Solutions
  • Client/Server Side Development
  • RIS/PACS Administrators-Managers
  • Mainframe Programming/Database Administration
  • Logo Design (Design and Development)
  • Scheduling and Medical Billing Solutions -Partners
  • Paperless Solutions and Products (EDC, CTMS, etc.)
  • Software Engineers, Programmers and Clinical Programmers
  • Programmer Analysts and Technical Specialists
  • Clinical Database Architects and Administrators
  • Clinical Application and Database Developers
  • Software Reseller and Partners

Information Technology Solutions directly affect all industries and all verticals within those industries. MGS takes best practices along with access to cutting edge technology solutions and exceptional technology talent to cater to your specific needs.

In today's difficult financial environment, businesses are finding it more difficult to grow revenue. To sustain their business and compete for new opportunities, they must respond quickly to changing market demands. But the average company and/or agency spends about 80 percent of its IT budget on maintenance and operations, instead of new applications and technologies. MGS's broad and constantly expanding network of expert technology professionals has been instrumental in helping our clients achieve their strategic business objectives with the best possible resources. Allow us to provide a free initial Information Technology or Management consultation by calling (703) 691-7500 or (703) 691-7500.